Warning Signs Before a Miscarriage Actually Occurs


Almost one out of three women in Northern Beaches experiences a miscarriage during pregnancy and some women do not even realize that they are pregnant. Whether you are a pregnant woman or planning to get pregnant, it is important for you to know the most common signs of miscarriage.

Bleeding is one of the most common symptoms. You can have mild bleeding or severe bleeding and the color of the blood may be bright red or brown in color. However, it has been found out in a study that when mothers experience vaginal bleeding between 7-11 weeks, miscarries do not occur.

There may be mild to severe back ache. Cramping is also a common sign. The location of cramps may vary. Pregnant women may feel the cramps on one or both the sides or in the middle portion of the abdomen. These cramps however generally occur in lower abdomen but may move to lower back.

  • Clotlike and mucus vaginal discharge are symptoms of miscarriage. Mucus is basically white to pink in color but they do not always mean a miscarriage. Any tissue, which passes through vagina must be stored in a sterilized container and brought to the office of the doctor for examination.
  • When a pregnant woman experiences a decrease in pregnancy side effects, it is a sign of miscarriage. This can mean absence of nausea, weight loss, and breasts no longer being tender and so on. However, it is important to note here that some women may experience weight loss in early pregnancy-this is normal but consulting a doctor would be a good idea even then.
  • Contractions may take place. They are extreme level of pains, which may occur every 5-20 minutes.

A woman must immediately get in touch with a doctor if she experiences any of these symptoms. The doctor will perform various tests for determining how the pregnancy is progressing. An acupuncturist can also be of great help in retaining the fetus, stopping the lower abdominal cramping or other symptoms of a threatened miscarriage. There are many women in Northern Beaches who have been able to give birth to a healthy baby after acupuncture treatment even after showing threatened miscarriage symptoms.

I run an acupuncture clinic and deal with conception, fertility, digestive problems, menopause and pregnancy in Northern Beaches. Don’t hesitate to call me whenever you need my assistance. I have even gone to my clinic 5 am on a Sunday morning and treated a client. So, if you wish to avert miscarriage, give me a call immediately when you see the signs.

Source: http://healtharchives.weebly.com/blog/warning-signs-before-a-miscarriage-actually-occurs

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