Acupuncture and IVF

What to Try When You're Trying

I had my first acupuncture treatment this afternoon!

My RE never specifically recommended that I get it but I kept seeing fliers in his office and of course reading about all of my fellow bloggers experiences with it. I decided that even if it doesn’t help THAT much, it can’t hurt!

The acupuncturist went over my history and thinks my liver might be playing a part in my infertility. He said the way my body reacted to Metformin (elevated liver enzymes) could be a clue. I’ve also been having a lot of digestive issues for the past several months.

His first suggestions were to cut out my daily diet coke and pretty much all caffeine. He also wants me to try to stop eating bread and animal dairy…um…really? I’ve cut out carbs before but carbs and dairy?! I going to try to cut back but I’m not sure I can…

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