How to Treat Headaches & Migraine Pain? Some Home Remedies for You!

Headaches and migraines are quite common. A lot of people in New Zealand face this problem. It is also prevalent among children in the country other than the adults. Causes of migraine can be many. But there are remedies to get relief from this pain as well. There are in fact many home remedies that can help alleviating migraine pain & other kinds of headaches.

Lavender oilLavender oil: Lavender doesn’t only smell good, it is also a very useful remedy for migraines and headaches. It may either be applied topically or inhaled. 2-4 drops for 2-3 cups boiling water is recommended while inhaling the lavender-oil vapours as headache treatment. Unlike a lot of medicinal oils, lavender oil can even be applied safely externally without needing to dilute it. However, lavender oil must not be orally taken.

Peppermint oilPeppermint oil: This is a very soothing treatment, which can reduce headaches that arise from tensions. It smells fresh and has vaso-dilating & vaso-constricting properties, which help control the flow of blood in body. Migraine pain & headaches occur mainly because of poor flow of blood. The peppermint oil basically helps in opening and closing the vessels that promote the flow. This home remedy opens up sinuses allowing a lot more oxygen to get into bloodstream.

Basil oilBasil oil: Basil is a herb. It is usually used as toppings in pastas & pizzas. It definitely smells well and tastes good. People who are looking for natural treatment can use the oil from this plant. Basil is a great muscle relaxant and one of the best Chinese herbal remedies for treating migraine and headaches that are caused by tension.

Diet fixesDiet fixes: A very useful home remedy to reduce migraine pain & headache involves making dietary changes. There are a few food products that affect the severity and frequency of migraine pain & headaches. Those foods must be avoided in the diet. They include chocolate, dairy, banana, onions, citrus, bacon, foods with tyramine, foods which are fermented and many more.

Scalp massageScalp massage: You can massage your scalp yourself. It is a great way of alleviating migraine pain. Researchers in New Zealand showed that massaging the greater occipital nerve lessens migraine pain.

FeverfewFeverfew: Feverfew is generally used for treating fever but can even be used as a herbal for headache treatment. In fact, a study showed that there was great improvement in people who suffered from migraine when they took feverfew daily along with white willow that contain the same properties like that of aspirin.

So, if you are suffering from headache or migraine pain, try using these remedies and see how well they work!

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