Depression: What Is It, Its Symptoms & Treatments

depressionWhat is depression?
Many a times we feel sad, hopeless, fed up and angry. All these are negative feelings which we often go through different phases in our life for different reasons. These feelings doesn’t go away easily. These may last for a long time and after a certain stage they result in what’s called depression.

Symptoms of depression: There are many symptoms of depression. Some common symptoms are stated below:

      • Feelings of sadness
      • Tiredness
      • Self harm
      • Feeling lonely
      • Depletion of interest
      • Energy loss
      • Loss of self-confidence
      • Getting sentimental
      • Physical depletion
      • Not able to work
      • Not able to sleep properly

How to treat depression?
Here are some natural remedies, which you can use to take care of the depression phase. Have a look:
Plan a healthy lifestyle: Prepare a disciplined routine for your daily work. This will keep you in track. When we are depressed we often overeat. You need to get in control of your eating to feel better. Eat healthy and avoid junk foods, late night parties etc.

Increase your sleep: As stated earlier that loss of sleep is also one of the symptoms of being depressed so getting enough sleep can heal the stage of depression. So take time to relax and have a soundless sleep. Little sleep may make depression worse.

Get in touch with a psychotherapist: One of the best ways to get rid from depression is by getting an appointment with a French psychologist. You need to share all your problems with the professional psychologist and get support and advice that’s needed for your betterment.

Talk More: Talk with your family and friends. Share your problems with them as much as you can. Exchange ideas with them so that you can recognize the reason behind your depletion stage. Taking advices can create a positive impact. You can get relief from the depression that you are suffering from.

Exercise a lot: Mental and physical exercise both plays an important part to cure the depression phase. Regular exercise results in encouraging the brain to boot up positively. Early morning jogging, yoga, meditation and inhaling fresh air is good for health. Maintaining a daily and proper exercise is a must for all those who are suffering from dejection.

Involve yourself into fun-filled activities: Think of an activity which you like to do. The more you involve yourself in some interactive as well interesting actions, the more you will forget about all the stress you are suffering from. Do something new to engage yourself and ignore all rest of the problems.

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