Menstrual Pain – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

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Menstrual Pain-Acupuncture TreatmentPeriod pain – what is it?

Period pain is a pain that takes place in the belly & pelvic area at the time of menstruation. It may start a few days or shortly before the period. The pain aggravates within twenty-four hours after the onset of bleeding & subside usually as menstruation tapers off. The pain interferes with regular activities of life affecting ninety percent of adolescent girls & fifty percent of women. A woman may experience aching and sharp pain and the discomfort may extend to legs or lower backs.

There are mainly two kinds of menstrual cramps – one is primary dysmenorrhea and the other one is secondary dysmenorrhea.

The first variety is a menstrual pain, which happens around time when menstrual period starts. It’s not related to any specific problem. Increased activity of hormone prostaglandin that’s produced in uterus usually plays a role in such condition. The…

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