What is the best hospital for cardiology in Kolkata?

Charnock Hospital takes the pleasure to introduce itself as the most promising hospital for all cardiology treatment in Kolkata and in West Bengal. With the latest range of equipment and a team of educated, experienced, and expert cardiologists, Charnock Hospital promises to be the most outstanding place for the finest cardiac treatment. We feel proud to claim that we have some of the most renowned cardiologists working with us who enjoy international names and recognition. They have the ability to treat critical patients who reach us from all over Kolkata, its suburbs, and the rest of the state.

Charnock Hospital takes care of the patients by providing them a wide array of treatment facilities, including the following:
▪Leadless Pacemaker
▪Compound Angioplasty
▪Transcutaneous Aortic Valve Repair (TAVR)
▪Device Closure for ASD, VSD, PDA (Congenital Heart Disease)
▪Balloon Mitral Valve Repair (BMR)
▪Primary Angioplasty

Highlights of our cardiac treatment:
We never stop or feel satisfied with our services. Instead, we keep on improving ourselves so that we can provide better treatment to patients who suffer from acute cardiac disorders. Some of the highlights of our services include the following:
▪Congenital Repair
▪Heart Valve Repair & Replacement
▪Beating Heart Coronary Bypass
▪Aortic Surgery
▪Lung & Esophageal Surgery

Most of our facilities reach you from the most learned cardiologists who can serve you in the best possible manner. So, never think again in case someone close to your heart requires cardiac treatment! Reach us immediately! Visit www.charnockhospital.com

Top 5 Best Kidney Treatment Hospitals in India

Kidney disease is termed as “silent” disease because it is often unnoticed by many of them as no symptoms appear in the beginning before they get diagnosed. When both kidneys fail to work they cannot filter the wastes which results in vomiting, nausea, fatigue and itching leading to complete weakness.

There are several kidney hospitals in Kolkata offering kidney treatments including dialysis and transplantation. Indian hospitals are well known forhealth care at low cost as compared to international hospitals so Indian hospitals attract most of the international patients. Let us take a look at the best kidney treatment hospitals in India.

Charnock Hospital, Kolkata.
It is one of the top kidney hospitals in Kolkata, India. It has a well-developed Nephrology department that has a specialist team that delivers quality kidney care be it outpatient consultation or inpatient daycare and dialysis care. The pediatric nephrology department is also well-developed offering comprehensive care.

Manipal Hospitals Bangalore, Karnataka:
It is one of the best hospitals that provide exemplary kidney treatment. Transplantation of kidneys are strictly supervised by qualified members of the staff and they have earned a reputation for conducting successful transplants. It is a 600 bedded multi-specialty hospital with an efficient team of doctors.

Fortis Hospitals & Kidney Institute
There is a Fortis Hospital in Bengal. But, the kidney specialty hospital that belongs to the flagship is in Gariahat, Kolkata. The kidney specialty hospital has been providing valuable services to not only the people in the neighboring areas of south Kolkata but also to the people from the northeast who seem to come here for treatment. It is a 60 bedded hospital. they treat all types of kidney diseases effectively.

Medanta- The Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon
It is a hospital that was established in the year 2009 by a cardiovascular surgeon. However, the hospital excels in heart, liver and kidney care. It received the award for the best multi-specialty hospital in Asia from HCG in 2010. The hospital is NABH and NABL accredited.

Navkar Surgical Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Specialized and routine surgical procedures and world class post-operative care. Dr. Bharat Shah is the founder and senior Kidney Specialist(Nephrologist) in Ahmedabad.

Professional Qualities Of The Best Cardiologist In Kolkata

Professional Qualities Of The Best Cardiologist In Kolkata

As per the study reports in the United States, the world is moving towards a situation when heart diseases are likely to emerge as an epidemic. The reports say that the conditions will be severe in various countries and that is why the World Health Organization is all set to take the right measures so that the disease can be controlled before it causes havoc. In India, the signs are already showing the impact as the cases related to cardiological problems are increasing.

In such a situation, the role and responsibilities of the Best Cardiologist in Kolkata are certainly going to rise in the time to come. With specialization in treating all major cardiac diseases, the cardiologists have some impeccable professional qualities that make them successful. Actually, these qualities separate one professional from another. Some of the prominent qualities of a successful cardiologist may have include the following:

Knowledge-Based Confidence:

It is one quality that helps the doctor to attain the pinnacle of success. If a doctor has complete confidence in his knowledge and experience, then becoming successful becomes a matter of time for him. He can be 100% sure about his ability to diagnose the disease of the patients. Ultimately, it helps them to treat the patients successfully.

Readiness To Serve Selflessly:

A doctor, including a cardiologist, should not have any kind of expectation. He must be 100% selfless while treating the patients. He must be ready to remain available whenever a patient requires his treatment. He cannot escape from his responsibility at any point in time. 


Compassion is a divine quality that every cardiologist must have. To be more precise, it is one quality that every healthcare professional must have so that he or she can serve the patients to perfection. Compassion creates a sense of service that aims at curing the patient at any cost.


Usually, the cardiac patients are more critical than some other diseases as it has a higher risk of failures. A failure can always result in the death of the patients. Keeping it in mind, the best Cardiologist in Kolkata or anywhere else in the world must be very well-behaved with the patients. He should never be harsh with them as it can leave a negative impact on the overall health conditions of the patients. A few words can cure or kill the patients. The choice should go to the doctors!

The best Cardiologist in Kolkata should never be a business tycoon. He is professionally a savior and a savior can never be a business person. It means that the doctors should never run after money. They should be very passionate about their job but that passion should be to treat the patients and not to make money! Money can never be more influential than good deeds!

How to Lose Baby Fat After Pregnancy?

How to lose baby fat after pregnancy_

A woman goes through a lot of changes physically during pregnancy. Many of these changes are most noticeable from the outside while other changes can be seen, through ultrasound baby scans. However, the most change that happens is you keep gaining weight gradually all throughout pregnancy. You don’t lose this weight right after you give birth. The reason for that is after your child is born, the hormonal changes in the body cause the uterus to gradually return back to its pre-pregnancy shape. It takes 7-8 weeks for the uterus to return to its typical size. The extra food that you consume during your pregnancy gets put away as fat. For some, losing weight after pregnancy can be a battle. It can be hard dealing with a newborn, maintaining a regular schedule, and recuperating from labor. However, you could try some ways to lose excess weight.

Be patient:

Be patient

Your body will need time to recover after giving birth. Losing weight right after birth can get in your way of recovery. Don’t start doing exercises or walking just after you come home from the hospital. It is also okay if your body is taking time to go back to normal.

Breastfeed your child:


If you are breastfeeding, you will get back in shape gradually. If the weight reduction happens too quickly it can make you produce less milk. Losing about a pound and a half (670 grams) in seven days will not influence your milk supply or your wellbeing. Breastfeeding makes your body consume or lose ? calories that cause weight loss. You will be amazed at how much weight you lose normally while breastfeeding.

Eat right:

Eat right

It is not good to start dieting right after birth. You should not skip your meals or start crash dieting. Keep eating at regular intervals. Reject all kinds of junk food, oily food, processed foods, and canned foods. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. You should also drink 4-5 liters of water per day.Eating a heavy breakfast, with all nutrients can give you energy in the morning, and you won’t feel tired all day.



The easy exercise to start losing your weight is walking. You might feel that walking does not do much to reduce your weight, but it does. You can just take a walk around the park with your baby in the stroller.



Once you become used to your regular walks, you can start with exercises. At first, only try to do light exercises that will help you reduce belly fat. If you are not comfortable with regular work out, you can try yoga too. Doing meditation regularly brings a lot of benefits to your body.

Carrying some additional weight after pregnancy is normal. Staying fit will enable you to appreciate time with your child and will make your life is easy. The best way to lose this weight is through a healthy diet, breastfeeding and work out.

Image Credit: Ashleys Green Life & Pixabay

Baby Scan Clinic Reading – One stop solution for Moms-to-be

Baby Scan Clinic Reading – One stop solution for Moms-to-be

Baby Scan Clinic Reading

Motherhood is a priceless feeling and if it is your first time, then every second feels special. As we all know, it takes around 9 months for a baby to develop and eventually come out of mother’s womb, the curiosity cannot be curtailed by any means. Therefore, Baby Scan Clinic Reading gives a solution that is not just a medical aid, but an experience to cherish. With aid from modern-day science, there are machines that will capture the baby’s movement in the womb and keep the parents informed of the progress.

Baby Scan for 6 – 15 weeks

The very first scan can be done in 6 weeks. The opportunity allows parents to calm their nerves and overcome any form of tension or fear. The ability to track live movements ensure that the development is on track and everything is normal in the first trimester.

Baby Scan for 16 – 22 weeks

Weeks 16 onwards suggests that the pregnancy is now 4 months old. This is the time of second trimester and within 16-22 weeks, mother-to-be will complete her second and third trimester. Under this period, scans reveal a clear glimpse of the baby and even movements can be tracked. Sometimes, parents-to-be also go for gender reveal party where the baby’s gender is determined.

Baby Scan for 26 – 40 weeks

The final set of scans are done in the fourth trimester where numerous information is provided with regard to the baby. The scan reveals the baby (completely developed and ready for delivery) along with its placenta position. Additionally. Information such as head and abdominal circumference are also shared.

Baby Scan Clinic Reading is equipped with latest scanning tools that offers accurate results and utmost safety to mother-to-be. All examinations are carried out under controlled environment such that external factors do not make things uncertain.

Is 4D scan safe?

With the questions of safety in focus, one can regard that 4D baby scan is one of the safest medical procedures. There is no chance of any harm to the unborn child or the mother. All that families can expect from baby scan clinics is detailed analysis of unborn child, along with movements.

Share the experience of baby scan clinic Reading and gift your family an experience that is bound to make you celebrate even before the new member arrives in the family.

6 Vital Nutrients That Your Body Needs Everyday

6 Vital Nutrients That Your Body Needs Everyday

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Healthy dieting helps you remain fit, it reduces your danger of chronic diseases, for example, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so forth. It also builds your energy and mood, boosting overall quality. If you feel that you’ve been eating well for a long time now, however, haven’t seen any significant outcomes, it is most likely on the grounds that you are not eating the correct supplements. If you wish to remain healthy and energized, read on to find out all about 5 supplements you should eat everyday.

1. Water

pexels-photo-416528 (1)

You must have heard that you can live for quite a long time without food but only days without water. That is because it is the most essential of all nutrients. It enables vital body functions and evenly distributes supplements to your cells. So starting now, make it a point to drink enough water each day.

2. Protein

egg-slicer-egg-hard-boiled-shell-38597 (1)

One of the most discussed supplements nowadays…

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Health Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

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hydrotherapy-bath Image Credit- YourSanctuary

Hydrotherapy is not an invention of the modern times, but has been in existence for centuries as an essential element of traditional therapies. It has a wide range of health benefits and is, therefore, used by people to treat various conditions like osteoarthritis, back pain, shoulder pain, rheumatoid arthritis, coordination & balance problems and sports injuries. By reducing aggravation, it enhances one’s mobility, postural control, flexibility and strength. Its popularity has even led many people to buy occupational therapist baths in Australia for enjoying hydrotherapy massages right at home.

Given below are the major benefits of hydrotherapy:

Alleviates Stress
Hot water treatment has been proven to help in reducing stress by bringing down blood pressure. Studies have shown that it can also affect the way that the body of an individual responds to anxiety and lead to production of natural stress-alleviating hormones, endorphins.

Enhances The Immune System

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What’s a distorted body image?

body image

In the first place, do you have an idea about what body image is? It is how people see themselves. And distorted body image, which is also popular as negative body image is an unrealistic view of how someone sees their body. Just like eating disorders, it’s mostly seen in women. However, there are even many men who suffer from this problem. You’ll usually start forming perceptions about your body’s attractiveness, acceptability, health and functionality in early childhood. This continues to form as you grow up and get feedback from your family members, peers, coaches etc. Personality traits like perfectionism as well as self criticism may even influence the development of negative internalised image of a body.

Symptoms of distorted body image

The signs and symptoms that show that you have a distorted or negative body image include:

  • thinking negative comments about your body as well as frequent comparison of your own size and shape to other people
  • obsessional self looking at the mirrors
  • feeling envious of a friend’s body or just commonly the body of someone else or celebrity in the media

Why distorted body image is caused?

At times body image is impacted negatively by one or more important events. For instance, a gymnast who is constant;y chided by her fellow athletes or coach to lose a bit of weight, can develop deeply ingrained & long lasting discontentment with her body, irrespective of how thin she gets.

If you’re someone who is worried about your body image, make sure to ask these questions to yourself:

  • Is my idea of beauty misrepresented from years of media exposure, which glorifies a thin ideal that’s unrealistic for a lot of people to get in a health manner?
  • Am I mostly criticising about my own looks?

How to treat distorted body image?

Being treated for negative or distorted body image is a significant step to recovery. This is a major problem and will not just go like that. Acknowledging and recognising your feelings as well as accompanying body sensations is going to help you become a lot more comfortable & reduce the tendency to suppress feelings & revert to unhealthy and negative inner denunciations for escaping uncomfortable feelings.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the approach where irrational thoughts are analysed, recognised and restructured to more logical and coherent self task, is mainly used by many a counsellor in Bondi Junction, NSW.