6 Vital Nutrients That Your Body Needs Everyday

6 Vital Nutrients That Your Body Needs Everyday

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Healthy dieting helps you remain fit, it reduces your danger of chronic diseases, for example, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so forth. It also builds your energy and mood, boosting overall quality. If you feel that you’ve been eating well for a long time now, however, haven’t seen any significant outcomes, it is most likely on the grounds that you are not eating the correct supplements. If you wish to remain healthy and energized, read on to find out all about 5 supplements you should eat everyday.

1. Water

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You must have heard that you can live for quite a long time without food but only days without water. That is because it is the most essential of all nutrients. It enables vital body functions and evenly distributes supplements to your cells. So starting now, make it a point to drink enough water each day.

2. Protein

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One of the most discussed supplements nowadays…

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Health Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

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Hydrotherapy is not an invention of the modern times, but has been in existence for centuries as an essential element of traditional therapies. It has a wide range of health benefits and is, therefore, used by people to treat various conditions like osteoarthritis, back pain, shoulder pain, rheumatoid arthritis, coordination & balance problems and sports injuries. By reducing aggravation, it enhances one’s mobility, postural control, flexibility and strength. Its popularity has even led many people to buy occupational therapist baths in Australia for enjoying hydrotherapy massages right at home.

Given below are the major benefits of hydrotherapy:

Alleviates Stress
Hot water treatment has been proven to help in reducing stress by bringing down blood pressure. Studies have shown that it can also affect the way that the body of an individual responds to anxiety and lead to production of natural stress-alleviating hormones, endorphins.

Enhances The Immune System

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What Do You Understand By Depression?

What Do You Understand By Depression

Depression is a serious mood disorder that affects the way a person thinks, feels and handles his/her daily activities. It is a mental illness and its severity varies from one individual to another. When a person is depressed, he/she may develop feelings of sadness, loss in self-worth and low self-esteem, which could last for a certain period of time and affect the functioning of his/her normal life. The illness not only has a negative impact on the victim, but also gives emotional pain to the friends, families and loved ones of the person concerned. The victim can suffer from blues that may last over a week and that can greatly affect the regular activities such as sleep, work and eating habits.

Understanding depression in women

Many factors contribute to the occurrence of depression in women. It has been found that women are more prone to this mental illness than men as the causes and symptoms are more common in the former. Fatigue, guilt and sadness are the early signs of depression in women and this could tend to create a disturbance in sleep patterns, trigger mood swings and lead to tiredness. Moreover, since woman have a higher incidence of hypothyroidism, they are more vulnerable to the illness and would require a doctor’s consultation relatively more than men.

Treatment for depression

Treating depression is possible no matter how severe it may get, but the earlier the treatment is done, the more effective it would be. Psychotherapy is a form of treatment for the condition that involves helping the patient to develop certain skills for dealing with stress and anxiety. It also aids in planning realistic life goals and ensuring personal care. The therapy helps to understand painful past experiences and regain control of one’s life. Antidepressants can also be prescribed to a depressed patient for helping them handle stress and frequent mood swings. Jade is a psychologist working at Counselling Bondi who assists people with depression, particularly women, adolescent and married couples.

Self-help while treating depression

A depressed person must try to be active and take the condition seriously for avoiding painful memories in future. The victim must spent more time with friends and families, and not confine himself/herself on her own. He/she must understand that improvement would be a slow process, and so the individual should continue educating themself about the nature of the illness and set realistic goals. Yoga and acupuncture can also help a person to deal with depression by lowering stress and omitting negative thoughts.

So, it is crucial to understand that depression is a serious mental condition which should not be ignored. If you or your loved one is suffering from this condition, it is advised to seek help from a doctor or an expert.

How to Improve Your Digestive Functions With #Acupuncture?

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healthy-stomachDigestive disorders can occur due to various reasons and it affects the overall health of a person. Often due to hyperactivity of the nervous and the endocrine system digestive system fails to function properly. Different symptoms that are found due to the malfunctioning of the digestive system including dry skin, anemia, low energy, muscle cramp, hair loss, concentration problem, weight loss, fatigue and many more. Among any other treatment acupuncture has proved to be the most effective in improving digestive disorders. It helps to restore the harmony between the organs that help in digestion. Acupuncture is most commonly used to treat problems related to digestion in Northern Beaches.

images (45)Acupuncture balances the direction of the digestive energy flow which goes downward starting from the mouth and ends to the anus. Any kind problem in the direction of energy movement will cause nausea, constipation, gastroparesis and gastric reflux. Human digestive system…

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Menstrual Pain – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

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Menstrual Pain-Acupuncture TreatmentPeriod pain – what is it?

Period pain is a pain that takes place in the belly & pelvic area at the time of menstruation. It may start a few days or shortly before the period. The pain aggravates within twenty-four hours after the onset of bleeding & subside usually as menstruation tapers off. The pain interferes with regular activities of life affecting ninety percent of adolescent girls & fifty percent of women. A woman may experience aching and sharp pain and the discomfort may extend to legs or lower backs.

There are mainly two kinds of menstrual cramps – one is primary dysmenorrhea and the other one is secondary dysmenorrhea.

The first variety is a menstrual pain, which happens around time when menstrual period starts. It’s not related to any specific problem. Increased activity of hormone prostaglandin that’s produced in uterus usually plays a role in such condition. The…

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How to Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy?


Taking Care During Pregnancy _ Northside AcupunctureNow that you are pregnant, it is essential that you take care of yourself both emotionally and physically. To increase the chance of having a problem-free pregnancy as well as a healthy baby you need to follow this simple guideline.

Get an early prenatal care: A good prenatal care is very important for you as well as your baby. You only need to give a call to your healthcare provider and fix an appointment for your first prenatal visit.

Watch out what you are eating: You need to eat for two. This means you will have to eat 300 extra calories every day and a lot of protein. 70 grams per day would be fine. However, your calcium requirement can remain the same but make sure you meet it. You may want to steer clear of meat and undercooked eggs, dairy products, cold deli meats, unpasteurized juices and raw seafood…

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How to Treat Headaches & Migraine Pain? Some Home Remedies for You!

Headaches and migraines are quite common. A lot of people in New Zealand face this problem. It is also prevalent among children in the country other than the adults. Causes of migraine can be many. But there are remedies to get relief from this pain as well. There are in fact many home remedies that can help alleviating migraine pain & other kinds of headaches.

Lavender oilLavender oil: Lavender doesn’t only smell good, it is also a very useful remedy for migraines and headaches. It may either be applied topically or inhaled. 2-4 drops for 2-3 cups boiling water is recommended while inhaling the lavender-oil vapours as headache treatment. Unlike a lot of medicinal oils, lavender oil can even be applied safely externally without needing to dilute it. However, lavender oil must not be orally taken.

Peppermint oilPeppermint oil: This is a very soothing treatment, which can reduce headaches that arise from tensions. It smells fresh and has vaso-dilating & vaso-constricting properties, which help control the flow of blood in body. Migraine pain & headaches occur mainly because of poor flow of blood. The peppermint oil basically helps in opening and closing the vessels that promote the flow. This home remedy opens up sinuses allowing a lot more oxygen to get into bloodstream.

Basil oilBasil oil: Basil is a herb. It is usually used as toppings in pastas & pizzas. It definitely smells well and tastes good. People who are looking for natural treatment can use the oil from this plant. Basil is a great muscle relaxant and one of the best Chinese herbal remedies for treating migraine and headaches that are caused by tension.

Diet fixesDiet fixes: A very useful home remedy to reduce migraine pain & headache involves making dietary changes. There are a few food products that affect the severity and frequency of migraine pain & headaches. Those foods must be avoided in the diet. They include chocolate, dairy, banana, onions, citrus, bacon, foods with tyramine, foods which are fermented and many more.

Scalp massageScalp massage: You can massage your scalp yourself. It is a great way of alleviating migraine pain. Researchers in New Zealand showed that massaging the greater occipital nerve lessens migraine pain.

FeverfewFeverfew: Feverfew is generally used for treating fever but can even be used as a herbal for headache treatment. In fact, a study showed that there was great improvement in people who suffered from migraine when they took feverfew daily along with white willow that contain the same properties like that of aspirin.

So, if you are suffering from headache or migraine pain, try using these remedies and see how well they work!

Acupuncture and IVF

What to Try When You're Trying

I had my first acupuncture treatment this afternoon!

My RE never specifically recommended that I get it but I kept seeing fliers in his office and of course reading about all of my fellow bloggers experiences with it. I decided that even if it doesn’t help THAT much, it can’t hurt!

The acupuncturist went over my history and thinks my liver might be playing a part in my infertility. He said the way my body reacted to Metformin (elevated liver enzymes) could be a clue. I’ve also been having a lot of digestive issues for the past several months.

His first suggestions were to cut out my daily diet coke and pretty much all caffeine. He also wants me to try to stop eating bread and animal dairy…um…really? I’ve cut out carbs before but carbs and dairy?! I going to try to cut back but I’m not sure I can…

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Natural ways to cope with pain from a car accident


Anyone who has been in a car accident is familiar with the negative effects it can have on a person’s body. Not only can a car accident cause chronic physical stress, but emotional and cognitive stress as well. People sometimes take medication that may mask the symptoms for temporary relief not knowing that there are several natural ways to help the recovery process of the mind and body after a car accident.

Common chronic physical symptoms after a car accident include insomnia, lower back pain, whiplash, increased heart rate, headaches, and muscle pain. A common treatment for muscle pains, soreness and swelling is one called Arnica. Arnica is a plant that can be compressed to a cream, gel or ointment and applied directly to the affected area on the body. Arnica is an effective natural remedy for pain relief that doesn’t involve the side effects or dependency of prescription painkillers.

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