Common Signs Which Indicate That You Might Have Summer Depression


Summertime blues, also known as reverse seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in technical terms, is a kind of depression which manifests from seasonal changes. Do you think that you might have reverse SAD and want to confirm? Well, here are some common telltale signs which can help you to figure out:

Severe Fatigue Due To The Heat
Excessive sunlight, humidity and rising temperatures can make you feel fatigued, no doubt, but the same fatigue might be the reason why you have been feeling down lately. Constant exposure to bright sunlight can have almost the same effect as never ending rainfall. If you still want to have sun fun, don’t forget to put on your shades when going out.

Have you been throwing fits every now and then since the last few days or weeks? The humid & hot weather can be possibly responsible for your bad mood, and make you anxious as well as nervous. Maintaining a proper balanced diet in addition to meditating or exercising can help.

If you are having trouble falling asleep every night, it can indicate that you are suffering from the summertime blues. Humidity and high temperatures are generally responsible for this symptom. Using air conditioner or a large fan in your bedroom can help.

Body Image Issues
Since summer is the time when people look forward to taking part in water games and activities, it can create body image issues for you in case you are underweight or obese. If you are not comfortable with wearing a bathing suit, then don’t. Otherwise, you can try on something that doesn’t reveal too much.

Not Much Time For Oneself
Not having enough time to spend with oneself can also trigger bouts of depression during summer. And it can be caused by various things like sending kids off to the school summer camp, running errands and planning vacations. A good way to avoid feeling over-committed is by taking frequent breaks.

Summer depression is not something to ignore, rather it must be addressed as soon as possible with effective therapy. So if you feel like you have the summertime blues, then do not waste too much time thinking what you can do about it at home. Instead, get in touch with a good counsellor in Bondi who can suitably treat you and also prescribe the right dietary therapy for beating depression and having sun fun without any worries.

Tips To Maintain A Healthy Relationship


The key to maintaining a healthy and lovable relationship generally differs from couple to couple. Establishing a positive and trusting partnership requires some quality amount of effort as well as time. A healthy, strong and long lasting relationship has to be built on firm grounds of love, affection, loyalty and trust. Stated below are some habits that can be practiced to maintain an everlasting relationship with your partner. Have a look at them if your relationship is going through tough times:

1. Respect:

Showing respect to your partner is one of the most important things required for maintaining or creating a good relationship. Respecting your sweet heart indicates that you are appreciating his/her character, time, feelings and heart. Things like talking with negative attitude, threatening to break up or calling by harsh names can increase emotional distance and finally cause the relationship to dwindle. Always avoid such things and prevent negativity from affecting your relation.

2. Communication:

If you want to be a happy couple, then strong communication is a must for you. Because communication is the key towards having a successful relationship, and one of the most important qualities needed to create a happy bond. Many people do not know how to start an interactive communication with their better half. On the other hand, happy couples maintain their communication skills in order to keep alive a strong bond between themselves. Thus, all you need to do is simply compliment each other by showering love and affection. Say “I love you” often. Discuss and share your feelings. You may feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but slowly it will help you to build a long lasting relationship.

3. Spend quality time and not quantity:

It really does not matter how much time you actually spend with your partner. It’s all about how much quality time you give to him/her. There is a big difference between having dinner together and sharing the whole day’s experience with your spouse and having dinner together while watching your favourite television program. Thus, always try to give your quality time and share good moments with each other.

4. Visit a counsellor:

A counsellor can often help in salvaging a weak and unhealthy relation. If you ever feel that your relationship is not working out or is going out of track, then immediately get in touch with an experienced counsellor. Couple counselling in Bondi has been proven to be quite effective at reviving lost love in tumultuous relationships.